Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Find Bob Pinciotti!

If you watch that 70's show you may recognize a similar looking figure on my shirt... I think there is a person on there that looks exactly like Bob!!!

The pants and shirt are from forever21
boots by jennifer swii
purse from charlotte russe
coat brand is energie
glasses, 80s purple

Please tell me what you guys think! I will be putting this on Lookbook later, hopefully some good hype comes my way! :)
And I wanted you guys to know that Sugarlips is going to be sponsoring me which is pretty exciting, AND I finally got 1000+ fans on LookBook!!!<3
I love you all!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I know I have not posted for awhile, but I have been busy with tons of AP homework! :( But I am back after a 100$ shopping spree to Forever21 this weekend (: I did not go black friday shopping but I did get some good after sales!
I bought this really pretty white lace dress at Forever21! It is so comfy and just fits so loose, it's a great piece for a bohemian style which I plan to do with it, but it's just been so darn foggy and gloomy everyday. So, I feel the need to grunge everything up.
I also got the nude tights and socks from forever21 for a total of 10$! The dress was about 25$.
This is my Lady GaGa vest but just the front of it, and it has some really neat buttons from my parents that I really love! Who can resist Billy Idol, Def Leopard, and Judas Priest?

Well, I hope you guys all enjoy this! And had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!
Tell me, did you get any good black friday sales? I'm interested to hear!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011


My mom has this old mesh tank top from the 80's that I never knew what do with! Today, after so many years of staring at it I decided to pair it with a sports bra and leather pants! Turned out great :) I think that pairing a mesh shirt like this with other different colored sports bras could also be a very fun look! And pretty great during summer with some tribal patterned shorts or leggings♥
 It also looks great with a militant jacket!!!
Jacket and shoes and pants are from F21.
Sunglasses 80s purple
my boyfriend also gave me this pretty awesome necklace :)

I hope this inspired somebody to maybe pull out that mesh shirt they were afraid of or try to find a mesh shirt to wear!
What's your favorite color guys? :D

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My boyfriend's blue jumper!

So, I really love the jumper I borrowed from my boyfriend, it is so comfy and nice :) And these Disney shorts I must show everybody! They were originally pants that I had found at Goodwill, they were the tackiest things ever!!! Transforming them in to shorts made them the cutest things ever though♥
I took this other picture earlier today before my Disney shorts with just some regular ones :)

I also took some fishnet leggings and cut the underwear part off so now they're socks! It's a really great and easy diy guys, I suggest you try it especially if you feel a little too $leazzzy like Ke$ha wearing full fishnets! Haha!

Well, I really hope you guys all enjoy this very short post and come back for more :)
Btw, who here has a lookbook? If so put your link in the comments so I can check you out!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

.Bloody Mary.

I put this new look up on lookbook today of the lady gaga vest I had made a few months ago, I'm so happy that I finally got to show it off :) I came up with the idea because my boyfriend bought me a lady gaga shirt that was much too big for me but I didn't want to waste it so I was inspired by some of my punk friends at school to make a vest with a band logo on the back. I used my dad's old levi's jacket that he was going to throw out and constructed it from a xxl jacket to a xs vest!!! Haha! All I am missing are studs and spikes to make this AMAZING!
The thermal is from Forever 21.

I also wanted to share this amazing really interesting belt that I found at a thrift store! It is a snake and was only ten dollars :)

Well, I hope this all maybe inspired you guys in someway, maybe even just to blast some GaGa<3
I love you all!

By the way, what's one of the best thrift items you've ever purchased!?

Friday, November 11, 2011


I know Halloween was a couple weeks ago, but I never posted my look for it and thought you guys might really enjoy to see it still! I was really inspired by all of the day of the dead looks I saw on LookBook, especially these two: & I decided to pair this velvet dress I had gotten during the Christmas season at Forever21 last year(to my belief they are still available for around 15$, also in blue and green) with a corduroy blazer I had actually gotten at wal-mart a few years back from the Norma Kamali line. Then the hat I got from a wonderful thrift store downtown, I ripped up some fishnets and then put on these awesome wedges I found at Forever21 last weekend!!! They're from Bamboo and they're really tall, lace-up, and COMFORTABLE. I highly recommend them, they were about 35$. The flower pin has three functions(an alligator clip, ponytail, and pin) and was only 3$! You can find it here at
The makeup took me about 15 minutes to do, I used Halloween makeup crayons, and some black goo makeup, and for the cheeks I used this high intensity pigment orange blush from Hot Topic that was about 8$. But you guys should probably check out Marla at if you want makeup tip advice♥

I hope you all enjoy! And that this inspires you in some sort of way♥

Although my blog has only been up for a short period of time, has it inspired you guys in anyway??

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I haven't taken a lookbook photo for the past couple days so I am just going to share the little gifts I got yesterday! :)
Firstly! My boyfriend bought me the cutest polka dot dress as a surprise! He bought it for me to wear on our 8 month anniversary, so nice♥I plan to take a lookbook photo with it but for now I have taken a picture of the details on the chest!
My lovely friend Gabbi gifted me this cute lil' pin! I thought it was very interesting and cute. She also has a lookbook, so you guys should check her out!

Well, hopefully this inspired you guys to give someone a gift or perhaps gave you some creative ideas for this weekend♥ Check out my lookbook if you haven't already :)

And what would your guys favorite gift you have gotten be!?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

.Frick Park Market.

I was really excited to be able to wear my goodwill sweater vest today!!! And Mac Miller's new cd Blue Slide Park came out today which I was pretty happy about, it's great! :)
You can't really tell but I am wearing these really awesome tights with glitter running all throughout them, and what's even better is that they aren't itchy :D
The B I got from my mom, her name is Barbie so she tends to get a lot of Barbie things from people!
I plan to put this up on LookBook later tonight or in the morning, I'm hoping I get some good hype♥
Bow from my boyfriend
Oxfrords from Forever 21, still on sell on the internet!
Lunch box I earned with all my John's Incredible Pizza tickets, 800 of them!!!
The lil white flower on there is from a girl named Sierra McDaniel who sells all sorts of little things like this! You can check her out at

Well, I hope y'all really enjoy this look and have it inspire you in some way! If so let me know, and if you have any questions just let me know by commenting below (:

Also, just for funsies, what's your alls favorite thing about the colder seasons??

Monday, November 7, 2011

.Lie Low.

Where I live it's normally about 100 degrees! So this 55 degree weather was pretty shocking!!!
It's always a pretty happy moment when you get to bust out some old clothing you've been waiting to wear♥

Tights and shirt from forever21
Shoes from the boys section of wal-mart
I got the necklace from a local museum
Parka is from a crossdresser(no joke!)
Glasses are from 80s purple
Beanie from Mervyn's!

I hope y'all enjoy! ♥Kendall
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

.Brave New World.

I guess you could say all my boys contributed to this outfit♥
My brother's denim shirt, my dad's bandana, and my boyfriend's Marley shirt!
My neighbor had moved this large vehicle in front of the wooden gate I usually take pictures at so that I wouldn't anymore, but hey! He actually helped me out, I think it makes for a pretty interesting photo :)
I hope ya'll enjoy the photos! Leave me comments and love if you'd like♥