Thursday, December 29, 2011

.Naked and famous.

Yeah, haven't been able to get Young Blood out of my head, it'd be great to have infinite moments like the music video depicts!!!
So, I have 99 followers on this blog now, just one more :D And I have 1815 on my Lookbook! Only 185 till my giveaway<3

A very white and fresh look! NEW SUNNIES :)
Accidental capture haha

Bag I got from a friend of my mom's it's gorgeous :D

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

.DRAW ME NANCY CONTEST(Please help support me!).

the last day of the draw me nancy contest!!!
Please help hype my latest look to draw more attention<3
It would make me very appreciative!!!

Please give me your guy's lookbook links so i can support you! :)

Looking back, VINTAGE

I found some really awesome photos of my parents today! It really reminded me where my style originated, especially from my mother! They were both pretty fabulous people when it came to looking good<3
If only they had lookbook in the 80s, my mom would have been a star!!!

My dad, goofy!

Ain't dey cute? :D

So vintage, I love it :D

I think any goth would pay up for a vintage outfit like this!

I really wish my mom kept this Johnny Rotten shirt! :(

They're so cute :D

Makes me think of all the snowy photos I see on lookbook!
See, I still have this coat :) It's Bebe too!!!

My dad was handsome! He is lucky I couldn't find the photo of him wearing bell bottoms!
This one is my favorite :)

My mom and a friend.
WELL I hope you guys all enjoyed and maybe can see why I dress the way I do!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that I started an account on Chictopia!
If you guys have one PLEASE let me know below and I'll help support you :)

I unfortunately had a seizure this morning too, it was so odd. I could feel my entire body shaking the last few seconds of the seizure but couldn't do anything to stop!
I hadn't eaten all day and it was about 11 am when I finally got my blood drawn, I am 102 pounds and have been depleted of blood already since I am on my period, and so 5 vials of blood being taken out of me was a bit too much. By the forth vial I began seizing and gurgling and clenching my whole body. I'm lucky I didn't bite my tongue off like some people do... 
SO, at the moment I am suffering with a rather unpleasant headache and must stay home the next few days :P YAAAY, too much of a fun way to start Christmas break.

But don't doubt me. I went shopping for a good half hour at Macy's since I returned this 75$ Donna Karen perfume. Got some really cute stuff, check it out:
I got these MATERIAL GIRL panties from Macy's. Originally 10$ for 7$!

I got this from Macy's also, from STYLE CO.
I live for deals like this.

These pantoloon thingies from Macy's(MATERIAL GIRL) Originally 15$, got em for 10$ :)

My picture kept rotating while being uploaded for some reason, but I got this really adorable clutch from STYLE CO. originally 10$, snagged for 5$!!!

I hope you guys are healthy and happy!

Sunday, December 25, 2011


This is the black dress I got from Crash and Burn Apparel!!! You guys should definitely check out their site and get this dress, it is so soft and hugs the body perfectly<3 It's very sexy, my boyfriend LOVES it! haha.

Back to my sideways photos for Lookbook :)

Check out the dress HERE

♥Sugarlips Apparel♥

This is the shirt that I got from Sugarlips Apparel!!! :) I am so happy with how it looks! The print is ADORABLE!!! I really hope they enjoy the photos I took for them, and that Lookbook hypes it well! :D

if you guys want PLEASE feel free to suggest which one I should put up on Lookbook! Thank you, I love all of you guys! And hope that you had a Merry Christmas today!!! :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Well, I just finished opening all my presents! I got some scrapbooking items and a lot of various other things! My mom bought me this hair flower too, the kind with the feathers. Generally very tacky and something I often talk badly on, BUT knowing my mom she surprised me with one that was actually really really ADORABLE and FESTIVE!!! I love it, and so I feature it for my Christmas Lookbook look! I hope you all enjoy :D

I hope you guys all had the merriest Christmas Eve and wake up to tons of presents from Santa! I love you all :)
And fyi, I found my sponsor for my 2000th fan giveaway coming up soon<3
You guys will LOVE!

Friday, December 23, 2011


I made this belt buckle into a ring! It's my dad's fom the 70's so it's pretty sweet :)
The vest is also his that I DIY'd :D

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Him and her project!!!

I would like you guys to check this out!
My boyfriend and I were featured in this blog that features cute couples world wide!!!
And also like them, or ask to participate in their project also :D

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Had AP statistics and AP government finals today. Super tiring. Tomorrow will be AP English on Brave New World and then AVID. Friday will be super simple, TA for beginning drama and performance drama which I already got the final done for by performing Ariel in the Tempest :D
Anyways, I was prowling on Tumblr at 3AM during summer and was inspired to make this skull cut out shirt, I think it turned out really clean and precise! Cause I just have to say... probably 95% of these that I see people make are sloppy and look like shit.
And if my back looks like it is super airbrushed, it is. I have crazy ass b(acne), yeah it's pretty sick! But THANK GOD FOR TECHNOLOGY TO CREATE THE ILLUSION OF PERFECTION.
The Mickey shorts made a comeback!
And by the way you guys! I decided that once I hit 2000 fans on Lookbook I will have my giveaway :D