Monday, February 6, 2012

Lipsticks I use most and my fashion blog interview and WINTER FORMAL!

Just a friendly suggestion that you guys should click right HERE to check out the interview did of me! I answered a lot of questions you guys may have been curious about! Feel free to check it out, I'd greatly appreciate it! :)

Some other exciting news is that I interviewed my first fashion blogger which I will be featuring tomorrow! So make sure to check that out, she is really great!

Now for a rundown of my most often used lipsticks you guys ask about a lot<3
I'm just going through the reds today, sometime this week I'll go through the purples.
Sheer Red NYC 309B
I really suggest everyone to get this lipstick for relaxed dark looks. It's a beautiful red that doesn't go on harsh and really is sheer like the name suggests. It's definitely been one of my most reliable lipsticks.
I love this during the winter with my dark outfits!
You can see me wearing it HERE

Certainly Red Revlon 740.
This lipstick feels the best on the lips and goes on smooth!!! This lipstick is more expensive than the others but it's really worth every penny for the quality.
I love to wear this with a black defined cat eye and lots of mascara!
You can see me wearing it HERE

Retro Red NYC 308B.
This lipstick goes on extremely bright, almost an orange undertone, so it's great for accomplishing a very bright and extreme look, especially if you're going for a vintage style.
I love to wear this with my retro outfits, it really is perfect for the style!
You can see me wearing it HERE
Everybody Loves Redmond Wet n' Wild.
I just really wanted to show this nail polish I got today! It's really amazing how well the polish applies, it goes on true to its color in just two coats and has lasted me without chipping for about 3 days now so far.
I also love the pun of the label ;) 

I also really wanted to show you guys my senior formal photos! The theme of the formal was retro and so Nikko and I had a lot of fun with that.

I got the dress from HERE, it's actually on clearance now so if you like it, I would suggest buying it NOW!!! The dress has an amazing spandex feel to it and hugs every curve, although the long hem made it extremely hard to dance in. At least it is pretty to be in though!
The shoes are Charlotte Russe, they're very shiny and easy to walk in. Cutest penny loafer heels I've ever seen, and could easily be worn with many things this summer.

The dress I am wearing is Nicole Katherine
Shoes are Charlotte Russe

I covered the other couples faces just in case they didn't want to be seen.


  1. Wow! Awesome dress :)
    You strongly resemble Kani! Hope you guys had fun at your senior formal!


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