Sunday, June 17, 2012

.Sour Girl.

Necklace underneath gold one- F21

Shawl- Vintage

I've been craving sheer long black dresses, so you can only imagine my excitement when I received this one from Iwearsin! They don't carry any of these dresses in my town which is a disappointment. Well when you do find one it's from F21 and lime green or magenta.
I found this gold necklace in my mom's drawer and it just really made me want to embody some culture so I just experimented with all of my clothes to create this look! And by the way if you all are looking for bindis I suggest buying nail jewels and using eyelash glue to apply them to your face.

Also if you haven't listened to the song Sour Girl, do it now!



  1. DAWWWW your doggy is so cute haha.

    I hate that about F21! They use the ugliest colors for such beautiful dresses....


  2. i am alllll about this look. so dark and awesome

  3. Amazing outfit. I love thi gypsy look :)

  4. Nice blog :)

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    Put your hopes high and good luck honey, you never know right?

  5. omg this outfit is insane, that shawl + dress + jewelry is amazingggg
    oh and your dog is so cute too!

    crystal hearts vintage

  6. You look like a really cool psychic to me and I love it.
    Your dog is so adorable!

    Sheena Main Photography


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