Sunday, July 22, 2012

.Peace y'all/Romwe giveaway winner.

Sunglasses and floral pants-
Hair jewelry-
Shawl- vintage
Jewelry- most vintage/thirft/gifts
You know me, always tough n' alternative! But today I put on these flowy floral messes of good ol' sweetness and I took on the personality of a peace lovin' save the animals boho goddess y'all(a southern boho goddess). My chain headpiece really centers all my lil' ol' flower boho goddess passions smack dab on my forehead! After all, what else could there really be worth thinking about? Nothing I tell ya. Here I've even surrounded myself in flowers, pink flowers, CARNATION PINK FLOWERS FOR PETE'S SAKE. How much more of a softie could I be? Well, I am wearin' fake leather if y'all wonderin'! Ain't no rawhide on this girl.

Hope y'all havin' a good day, and just to let ya know the winner of my Romwe giveaway is...
* initiates momma ringin' the triangle dinner bell*



  1. The floral pants are so flowy, there's nothing better than pants that flow in the wind! They're gorgeous.

    Carmen Ri.

  2. Wow this look is so lovely. I especially love the floral pants!


  3. Goorgeous outfit ! :)

  4. Loving your style :)

  5. I have never seen anything like those flowery pants, they are awesome!

  6. Hey you always have such great style! I thought you might like my website, you can create collages in magazine styles with links to your blog! We are on the look out for creative stylish people to join! Here is the link Let us know what you think!

  7. Just fell in love with your toucan pants on Chictopia and I had to take a closer look, I love your style & I'm following! You look great!


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