Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday4Wednesday/HUGE ROMWE CLEARANCE

Hat- Thrift
Sweater C/O-
Blouse C/O-
Shorts C/O-
Lipstick 'certainly red' Revlon-
So, I thought it was about time that I make my own Wednesday Addams inspired outfit! I paired together this amazing sweater I was gifted from inlovewithfashion with a blouse with a giant bow from sugarlips!!! Y'all should try doing a combo of a big bowed blouse with a knit sweater!
 It's a very simple outfit but I feel like it says a lot, like 'Ooo I'm so bad, yet I like to keep myself warm and cozy!' You ask about my legs being cold?? Well, by the time winter rolls around I'll have cultivated enough leg fur to keep me warm throughout a tundra. So do not fret ;-)

It actually just popped into my head that if I had on my raybans, I'd probably have a really cool Violet E. look going on, that woman knows how to work the color black! I absolutely love her and her wide brimmed hats. And her photography is absolutely amazing, y'all should check out her blog HERE.

Last but not least I want to alert y'all of a HUGE Romwe clearance that will start this Friday on the 24th and end the 31st. There will be discounts on TONS of stuff, ranging from 5%-60% PLUS a 15% extra discount if your order reaches $70! Just use the code: clearance15% 

CLICK HERE TO START BUYING FRIDAY :) or now if you can't wait haha!


  1. LOVE your shoes! They're gorgeous *__*

  2. OMG! You look so great! <3 Love your hair, too!

    XO, Mish

  3. I love your jumper!
    Taya xo

  4. your boots are dreamy!

  5. Amazing outfit,i like the way you put it together and I really need a pair of boots like that for may wardrobe ;)

  6. wow, you look amazing!<3

  7. Big bow + sweater = effortlessly cute.

    Loving your blog! (And your hair (: )

    P.S. I'm having a 3rd blogversary giveaway right now... If you have time, please check it out! You can win a vintage sequin purse, a floral crown, and a bunch of mini items.


  8. amazing girl and amazing style a total inspiration i love <3333

    btw do you mind if you took a look at this
    you might like it and it would be amazing really cool if you
    actually liked it and bought something lol and featured it in one of your looks <33333

  9. I like so mucch your blog, your outfit is so cool
    I will very grateful if you could visit my blog and let there your opinion



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