Saturday, November 10, 2012

.Canvas Land's End.

Hat & Fishy Necklace-
Belt- Thrift
Cardigan, Striped Tank Top, & Blue Trousers-
Buttons- Vintage
Oxfords- Forever21

Hey ya'll! was sweet enough to sponsor this entire outfit to me! I normally don't wear much color so I feel like a whole different person in this outfit, basically a much more feminine me even though I am dressed like a little boy! Haha! I was really satisfied with the clothing when I received it, it's really high quality and the trousers are extremely soft. The only thing I must warn you of if you purchase here is that the sizing is a little big in the pants, so I would go down one size than you would normally wear. But yeah, I went for this super colorful little boy kind of look, and I really really like it!!! If you're a little scared of colors like myself, I would suggest with the vibrant colors you're working with to go with the deepest of the shades and use that as your neutral so that the outfit doesn't look too overwhelming :) As for this outfit I used the deep vibrant blue as my base color and the yellow as my crazy accent!!! 

So Land's End is letting me giveaway everything I am wearing from them in this outfit plus more! So enter here :)


  1. You are beautiful!!!
    I'm from Poland and I really envy life in California. This is my big dream (go to USA), but it's very expensive. Soo I wish you many successes with blog and feshion. Love you, Kendall <3

  2. I love the yellow and blue together! So contrasting, but you made it work perfectly!

    x lauren

  3. Adorable look, love the yellow & blue combo!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  4. You look Gorgeous! :) And your hair is amazing :)

  5. Blue and yellow has always been one of my favourite colour combo!



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