Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hat- Thrift
Bra, Vest, & Shorts-
What up y'all!?
These are some of the photos I did with They came all the way here to Oildale to do a photoshoot with me for their new lookbook, which should actually be up on their site November 12th! So, totally check on the site tomorrow and see how my lookbook turned out, I know I am pretty excited to see :) I was the stylist/model, and then I had a photographer, someone taking video, and a makeup/hair artist. I actually created this outfit without the aid of a mirror, so I was just guessing on how it all looked, if I had had a mirror I probably would have made this outfit a lot different. Besides my disappointment with my outfit combination the photos came out beautifully! We took them at a little 'Saloon' in my town. I had always looked at this old truck and wanted to take photos in front of it so I am glad I finally got to. ALSO, some of the first photos I've put up on my blog that aren't taken by my brother!!! These were taken by Levi from the aSociete team. He was super! You can see he has more skill than my 13 year old brother who just points and shoots haha!!!


  1. That bra is amazing, you look fab!

  2. WHAT this outfit is raw man I like it!!

    xo Lauren

  3. Very fierce. I love the last photo the best. In fact, I'm sending it to Pinterest!


  4. In that first photo? You look like a doll. Love the style.


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