Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hat- Thrift
Choker- romwe.com
Cross Necklace- American Eagle
Shirt- aSociete.com
Shorts- aSociete.com
Buckle Bracelelt- Cotton On

Hey y'all!

Just another post on the shoot I did with aSociete! These were some of my favorite photos from the shoot and I really couldn't wait to show you guys these. They brought me a buttload of stuff to work with for the lookbook and I was pretty happy when I saw these two pieces cuz I thought they just worked together magically!!! It's pretty much just the weird salmon color in both pieces that makes them work together so dang magically to me, haha! But anyway, they edited the photos and I'm really stumped on how they made the photos look this way! I'm probably just really suck at photo editing, well I AM, but seriously is this like photoshop shit!? Well, it's super cool, and wish I could do it ;__; Enough of complaining about my lack of skills, did any y'all check out my lookbook on aSociete.com!? What'd you think? Lame, cool, awesome, whack!? Lemme know.

Btw, romwe contest time I guess!? They emailed me that they're starting a contest for one y'all to become an official fashion blogger under their site plus freebies. So, maybe you wanna try.
Just quoted the deets below, so make sure to read it to get better details.
“Join Romwe Official Fashion Bloggers in 2013” contest.
Win big (up to $130 in freebies!) and become an official Romwe Fashion Blogger.
$100 in freebies for 3 lucky winners!  Awards are for bloggers with the most “likes”, most “fans” and best style

…And each qualified participant will also receive $30 in freebies.  Your friends and fans can join us if they have 2000 or more fans on their FB fan page.  They will also have the chance to become a Romwe fashion blogger.


  1. Amazing shoot! I love the outfit as well as the photos themselves. They are so cool! The first and the last are my favourite!! <3

  2. Awesome look! I like the outfit, and the photos are great ! xxS

  3. This look is perfection, obsessed. I wish I had enough fans to join the contest :(

    x lauren


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