Friday, November 2, 2012


Hat- Thrift
Shirt- Wal-Mart

Hey y'all!
The old Wal-Mart Unicorn shirt has made it's come back! I don't know if any of you have been following me long enough to remember the first time I wore this, but it's definitely one of my favorite lazy day shirts. The shirt is really worth a thousand words, like... WHAT ARE THOSE UNICORNS THINKING ABOUT? IS IT A MOM DAD AND BABY UNICORN, OR TWO MOM UNICORNS AND AN ADOPTED BABY UNICORN, OR TWO OLDER SIBLING UNICORNS LOOKING AFTER THEIR LITTLE BRO UNICORN WHILE THEIR PARENTS ARE OUT!? I JUST DON'T KNOW. The possibilities really never end with this shirt. And it's Halloweeny :D
Is my outfit TOO indigo? Na, I don't think so. I just went crazy with the purple hue today! Sportin' my cool new earrings my local friend from the Afropolitan Shop sent me! They're like woven patties of fun dangling from my ear lobes, I love em! Stop by and give her boutique a "LIKE" on Facebook, it'd be amazing if you guys gave that little bit of support :)  

Have a super amazin' day y'all!

Love ya, 

 Also, there is another big sale at Romwe y'all should check out! It's form the 2nd to the 8th on all of Romwe's best picks. They really did a good job at singling out the best products, so check it out at


  1. wow, love your style! nice hat <3

  2. That t shirt and those boots! So frigging awesome together. I like the monochrome blue look.

  3. Love your style girl!!!

    The outfit looks perfect<333 Hahah the possibilities are endless :D

    Hope you had a fun halloween<3

    Drop by when you can-


  4. cool shirt !

  5. YOU ARE SERIOUSLY A GENIUS! this whole outfit. auuughhh so good. ALSO. I need to wear many more outfits that are more solidly one color-scheme. YOU ARE PERFECT.

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