Thursday, November 8, 2012


Earrings & Beaded bracelet-
Wild Bra-
Gold mesh over lay-
Shorts- Pacsun
Bag- Charlotte Russe
Spike bracelet-
White lace boots-

Hey y'all!

So, I've noticed that whenever I wear something that's from Pacsun I get the urge to pair a lot(well to me) patterns together! I don't know what it is, maybe it's because their patterns are typically so subtle that I feel comfortable mixing and matching with them. Like I said, for me at least, the key to a successfully mixed patterned outfit is to keep everything in the same color scheme, otherwise things get a little messy in most cases. I know most of you may cringe at the sight of me wearing fake litas, or just anything lita shaped in general, but ugh I honestly love these shoes soooo much. I get that feeling also... of seeing too many blogger's wearing Litas, and I just cringe at the over exposure of it! Like hearing Boyfriend on the radio for the 1 MILLIONTH TIME. Yeah, that's how I fucking feel about litas. But I was like WHATEVS. Got these because I've never seen any with lace! And they're white, which I really own wear black shoes so they're a super edition! If y'all got dat cringey cringe problem, you might wanna tune out on my blog for awhile, because I am obsessed with these, and I just don't CARE! Haha!
I freakin' love y'all and hope you guys have heard about the holiday party on the 15th, yeah!? Dude, I would love to meet some of you!!! ALL OF YOU(Even tho I know that's impossible *sad face*) I actually am the face on the flyer for the party, woo!!! Haha If you are going, and you come up and say hi to me, I am going to give you a really cute little weird gift :3 Limited quantity of course, but believe me, weirdest little odd cute adorable lovable gift EVAR! So please visit me, don't be shy♥

 Btw, is having a 10(euros) on everything sale this Thursday till Sunday, so check that out if you are into their stuff, AND I'll be announcing the maxclondon romper giveaway winner soooon :)

Love all y'all,


  1. Loving your floral bottoms! :)

    Wish I could attend the Dim Mak x Wasteland party, gahhhh!

  3. you wear those Litas so deliciously ^^ no way to tune out ;)

  4. Bad ass outfit.

  5. I want to go to the party but I am 6 hours away :C They should throw a party in SF instead!



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