Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New blog and Romwe//Clubcouture announcement!

Hello fellas!
I made a new blog based for the teenagers at my school to educate them about high street fashion around the world since the town we live in really isn't educated at all in fashion! So here is the link in case you guys would like to check it out :) It's just based on finding popular looks for cheap, wear to buy them, and focussing on hot trends for the season and how to wear them. http://ybf-ca.blogspot.com/2012/02/amazing-item-for-spring-1-peter-pan.html

Romwe has brought back many galaxy inspired looks this season! They are selling a couple very beautiful skirts that you guys NEED to get! 
Also for a limited time if you spend:
60$ you get a free iphone4 case
90$ free compact mirror
130$ free digital watch
They're all really pretty pastel colors really wonderful for spring so make sure to buy something from Romwe to get your own free product :)
Find the skirt HERE :)

  I'm also happy to announce that Clubcouture has come out with their Spring collection for 2012! It can be found HERE. It's really fabulous and perfect for spring, check out em out :)


Monday, February 27, 2012

Motel Rocks tights+300FOLLOWERS!

Hey guys! I got these gorgeous tights from Motel Rocks, I've always really wanted some just like them! :) I highly recommend them because they'll work well with dresses, skirts, and shorts to add that edgy flair! They'd probably even look really cute with an oversized shirt.

Also happy to announce that I just gained my 300th follower here today :)
Tights- http://motelrocks.com

shorts and shoes-F21

sunglasses- http://80spurple.com

Dress(converted to top)- brand REVERSE
Buy at http://asos.com

necklace- http://crashandburnapparel.com

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hello! I'd like to share with you guys a bunch of the stuff I have gotten from some really awesome companies! :) I received this great owl tote from Motel Rocks, it's just so huge I don't have to worry about not having enough room!!! I'd also like to take it to the beach with me this summer, it'd would be perfect for that.
I love love love my little blue durby hat from Romwe. It's just very adorable, and I look forward to wearing it a lot this spring, it'll also go great paired with an all black outfit on those cold days! The scarf I also received from Romwe is very fun, it has a lot of pattern and color, but dull color so it's super easy to pair with a dark colored outfit to give it a kick.
My riding pants are from Club Couture. I am so happy about these because as you guys may have noticed I never wear pants, because my legs are short, and I took a chance ordering these and were VERY happy and pleased to find out that they fit perfect :D
Owl tote- http://motelrocks.com
Black riding pant- http://clubcouture.cc

blue durby hat&scarf- http://romwe.com

bracelet- http://crashandburnapparel.com
Glasses- Target

Dress- vintage
Shoes- Forever21

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Hey guys, I found this boy through Lookbook, and I just fell in love with him and his scarves!!! Please check out his blog and read more about him :)

My name is Danny Doerksen. I am a 17 year old student from Calgary, Alberta and I'm currently finishing up grade 12! I am hoping to go to either Vancouver or Toronto next year for University, although I'm not quite sure what program I want to go into. I work at the shoe store Steve Madden because I have an unhealthy shoe addiction and I run the blogfashionlesscity.blogspot.com. My other url's are twitter.com/doerksend113 andlookbook.nu/dannyd

What brought you into having an interest in fashion?
I remember getting into fashion when I was 8 years old when I realized I was getting too old to ask for toys for Christmas. I reluctantly said to myself "I guess I'll ask for clothes next year" and that sparked my love for fashion! I really got into fashion when I moved to Calgary from Red Deer, a small, hick town, where I wasn't exposed to fashion beyond Hollister and Abercrombie. 

Do you have any other artistic interests other than fashion? 
Other than fashion, I do competitive Irish Dance, for which I'm going to the World Championships for in Belfast, Ireland in April and the North American Championships in Chicago in July.

Does anybody or anything inspire you to dress the way you do? 
I don't have any particular inspirations, although I love to gather ideas from the men of lookbook.nu. I mostly just dress to the beat of my own drum and buy what I think will look good on me.

Where are your favorite places to shop? 
If I had to choose one store to only buy clothes from for the rest of my life, it would be Club Monaco. I adore their stuff. I also love Zara, H&M, Banana Republic, Steve Madden, Topshop, Scotch and Soda (if they have my size), and River Island.

What are your must have favorite items of clothing? 
I must have my scarves and my shoes. I love to accessorize with my scarves and a great pair of shoes, I find, really completes an outfit.

If you have a blog what is it focused on? 
My blog, fashionlesscity.blogspot.com, mostly focuses on what I wear on a day-to-day basis, but I feature some of my friends and coworkers as well to showcase some female outfits as well. I like to express what I like about an outfit and how certain colours and textures work together. I tell people I have no design skills whatsoever, but I can put and outfit together like none other, and I want to help others do the same.

What is your favorite season in regards of the clothing you get to wear?
As much as I hate winter, dressing for it I find to be the easiest. I am a bit self-conscious about how lanky I am, and showing off my body in the summer is not something I look forward to. I love dressing for fall/winder because I get to layer my outfits and wear big sweaters and cardigans (which come in handy when its -30oC). I love the colours of fall and the coolness and crispness that it brings, and I love to take that into consideration when I plan an outfit. 

What's some of your favorite bands and artists at the moment?
Coldplay has always been my #1 favourite band; I can never get enough of them! As welI, recently downloaded The Fray's new album, Scars and Stories, and it has been playing on my iPod and in my car non-stop. I also love Gotye, Eliie Goulding, Keane, Adele, and Foster the People. 

Do you have any ambitions pursuing fashion? Or are you going to pursue something else? 
I really don't know what I want to do as far as a career goes right now, but if I go into business I would love to end up in the fashion industry. However, I've been giving some serious thought to psychology, so if I go in that direction, I can't see myself working in fashion. Guess I'll just have to wait and see.

What are your favorite accessories at the moment? 
I love my scarves. I have Ikea hooks filled with scarves in my room and I don't think there is an outfit I could wear that I wouldn't have a scarf to go with. The reason I love scarves so much is because of the dimension and texture they add. It's more than just layering t-shirts under cardigans under blazers.

What is your most treasured item of clothing? 
My most treasured item of clothing at the moment is my anchor bow tie from Zara. It was my first bow tie I bought and it only fed my love for nautical clothes. I think it's just the cutest thing in the world and I try not to wear it too often to keep it special.

Is there anything you feel people should know about you? 
I love to travel, and will take up any opportunity I get. As well, I am very interested in American politics, and particularly what is going on in gay rights. I think I focus on the US because in Canada, gays are completely equal under the law. In the states, however, there is so much that is illegal for gays that I take for granted every day. I would love to see huge advances in gay rights over my lifetime :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

First shoot downtown!

Here is the dress I got from Romwe! I think it is beautiful and lovely and so easy to wear with many different looks! I altered how I wore it this time different from how I wore it in the below post! I like it better this way for spring because it is much more relaxed with the sleeves rolled up and the a-line hem is fun to play with. Pairing subtly patterned tights with this print makes it even more edgy, these tights also came with a ribbon that you can loop through the back to make a laced up illusion. 
dress&tights- http://romwe.com

sunglasses- http://80spurple.com

I am so happy about these new shoes I got! I think they're the cutest things EVER!!! And so super comfy and easy to walk in, if you guys find these at Forever21 GET THEM! They'll be super cute for spring and especially paired with girly socks :)
They were about 30$!

Friday, February 17, 2012

New clothes from Romwe+Discounts from them!

I'm wearing the dress and hat from Romwe.com
It's my POWER PRINT for spring from them!!!

Heys guys! Romwe has announced a special line created just for you featuring POWER PRINTS!!! They should be very popular this spring, and nice editions to your wardrobe so please check them out and get some of your own! It'd be smart to purchase now since they have 4 of their favorite prints with a 10$ discount right now! :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012



Hello! My name is Tonya, I’m 19 years old and I currently live in the beautiful Northwest & I’m the owner of themoptop.com! (themoptop.com/ Twitter: TonyaTheMoptop/ lookbook:lookbook.nu/themoptop

Where are your favorite places to shop?
I shop a lot at thrift stores! They’re great places to find some really cool vintage pieces and it’s like a treasure hunt :) I also love Forever 21 and Etsy.

What are your must have favorite items of clothing?
I have a navy polka dot dress that I am always wearing. I think it’s a simple item that can be worn so many different ways. I also love my vintage lace up boots...they go with everything too!

If you have a blog what is it focused on?
My blog is focused on my personal style and also things that inspire me when it comes to fashion.

What is your favorite season in regards of the clothing you get to wear?
I don’t really have a favorite season... but I’m looking forward to summer. I can’t wait to wear high waisted shorts and cute tops again!

What's some of your favorite bands and artists at the moment?
The Beatles are my all time favorite! I listen to a lot of old music such as Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix...etc. When it comes to contemporary music I love Fleet Foxes, El Ten Eleven, The Shins, She & Him, and Youth Lagoon.

Do you have any ambitions pursuing fashion? Or are you going to pursue something else?
Yes I do! I am currently going to college to receive my Bachelors degree in Fashion Marketing/Merchandising. My dream job is to be a vintage buyer for Free People. I would also love to own my own vintage clothing store/boutique!

What are your favorite accessories at the moment?
Since it’s cold right now where I live, my favorite accessory has definitely been scarves.

What is your most treasured item of clothing?
Probably the navy polka dot dress I talked about before. I wear it so much and I love how it fits me :)

Is there anything you feel people should know about you?
Not that I can think of...but a random fact about me: I played the Trombone in band for 6 years! :) haha

What brought you into having an interest in fashion?
When I was younger I used to receive Teen Vogue in the mail and I would cut out the photos and glue them on giant pieces of paper to put up in my room. I think that’s what initially got me into fashion. Then as I got older I found the Free People website and it really sparked my interest again! 

Do you have any other artistic interests other than fashion?
Yes, I love to draw and paint. I also enjoy taking photos with my film camera. 

Does anybody or anything inspire you to dress the way you do?
I am inspired by a wide variety of things. The 60s & 70s are a huge inspiration to me, pretty much anything vintage. Fashion blogs are always very inspiring as well. Alexa Chung & Zooey Deschanel are definitely my biggest style crushes lately.

This girl is seriously one of my faves! She is beautiful and dresses so adorably!
Please check her out and give her tons of support, make her your new favorite! :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hey guys! Edward Honaker and I entered the LB is for Lovers contest together! There are only a few more hours to the contest so we would LOVE it if you supported us winning by giving us your hearts to our looks :) My look won't be posted for four more hours because of some complications but in the meantime you can just give Edward your love and support to help us win together! We would really appreciate it :) I really want to win this because the money won will go toward buying me a camera to improve this blog, and also I want to give the charity money to a Fibromyalgia charity, my mom suffers from this horrible disease so it would really mean the world to her and my whole family to help support this cause<3 
thank you guys love you all
Links to help support us are below

Please help support us! It'd mean tons<3 :)

By the way the contest was to make a collaborated Valentine's look! I think it turned out pretty well for living so far away from each other XD


Monday, February 13, 2012

Sugarlips poncho!

Hey guys, I wanted to share with you all the poncho I got from Sugarlips! It's really big and comfy, something wonderful to snuggle in during those brisk days, it was great for today since there was a strong wind! :) It has the cutest little fringe zipper at the neck too, and a lovely kangaroo pouch! I think this is a really great alternative to the average poncho a lot of kids have been wearing now a days, same feel but only goes to the elbow plus a zip feature! The color makes it really versatile with a lot of different clothing, it's a great staple piece. Also, I suggest if you're around a small-medium in shirts to get an X-Small like I am wearing because it is very forgiving in roominess :)
You can buy it HERE

shoes, scarf, shorts F21

glasses 80spurple

Sugarlips has been expanding and growing their site more and more! It has greatly improved in both the layout of the site to the stock of clothing since I have known about their website. I really encourage you all to check out their site because they supply great quality staple pieces anyone can use with their wardrobe. 


I thank everyone who entered the giveaway and give hugs to the winner and her new bag!

Romwe has sorted out a special collection of Peter Pan collars to suit any style and also is offering a very good deal on them along the way. The sweet Peter Pan collar will really add a sweet touch to any and every style, and will look especially nice this spring. I know I will be investing in a LOT of Peter Pan collared dresses and blouses this year. The two most popular Peter Pan dress will be marked 20$ off starting today, Feb 13th, I imagine they will sell out very quickly! SO HURRY!!!
Also, I suggest investing in Peter Pan detachable collars<3

You don't want to miss out!!!
I am happy to tell you that Club Couture has launched a Valentines collection for all of you lovelies!!! It includes the special free world-wide shipping with no min. purchase needed :) They have many lovely dresses that would be perfect for the holiday, soft and girly. And if you would like a more casual Valentines, I suggest THIS cardigan!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Petticoat skirt!

Hey guys! I got this skirt from OASAP!!!
It looks very similar to a petticoat and could be used as one even to make dresses look larger :)
It's very short and has 4 layers of fabric, the shortness of the skirt would look great with an oversized pastel blazer. The skirt I chose is cream color, it also comes in leopard and plain black too! I must mention that if you have a curvy bottom that this skirt will ride high on you in the back, this skirt only comes in one size but is probably wisest for someone with who fits into XS and S skirts to wear. If not, I am a medium in skirts and it still works on me, but if I want to wear it out I'll have to have tights on underneath or a large blazer over it as I mentioned before :)
Purchase your own HERE

The hat is from ROMWE which you can purchase HERE

The collar is from shopakira, bag is from target, glasses are from 80spurple.com and the shoes&shirt are from wal-mart


I was really pleased to receive these items in the mail from Crash and Burn Apparel last Thursday! Their brand is really lovely with a lot of edgy clothing straight from LA!
They're having a great Valentine's special to receive a free teddy bear if you order before the 14th and free shipping on all orders over 100$! :)
I normally don't like wearing bracelets because of my small wrists and I feel like they get in the way, but I've actually been wearing this a lot since I got it! It's very lightweight and comfy.

This bracelet is great, it's leather with wrods imprinted into it and is made to wrap around the wrist mulitple times. I also think it makes for a great necklace!

This jacket is AMAZING. It fits so well and the color is gorgeous. It has a great effect that makes it appear wrinkly but really it's not! :) I've never been so pleased by any other jacket in my life! I've been wearing it none stop for the past two days. The bottom half is also made out of a stretchy material. You can purchase it HERE

It has very edgy cute diagonal zippers across the abdomen and breasts!

The zipper extends straight from the middle all the way up to the collar :)

This shirt is so great for the warmer seasons as just an interesting bat wing T-shirt, and really awesome for a great lightweight shirt for underneath jackets during winter. You can buy it HERE

I just ADORE the print on this shirt. The wolf is so darn cute, and the American flag is always catchy!

"This wild heart can't be broken"
I highly suggest you guys check this store out, I have quite a few items of theirs in my closet and they are all quality pieces that I am always complimented on every time I wear them<3