Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yellow back!

Necklace- http://romwe.com
Shirt- http://asociete.com
shorts- F21

Collar- http://shopakira.com

Shoes- F21

pants- http://clubcouture.cc

I have two different looks featuring this great blouse from aSociete.com today! One is edgy with the red shorts, and my one right above is a casual take. I really LOVE the leopard print collar paired with this shirt, it just gives it that right edge so it doesn't get boring! And also, oh my gosh, I just about died when I saw my new skull necklace! It's just the most adorable thing in this whole world :D So royal too ;D
Hope you guys are having a great spring break if you're on it right now!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

.Sleeping Lessons.

Blouse- http://romwe.com
Pants- http://clubcouture.cc
I love the sequined collar of this top!!!

Today I am wearing some amazing riding pants with my new peter pan blouse from Romwe, I think it's really quite flattering on me! I usually stay to a pretty washed out pallet so I think it's nice that I was able to get myself to wear something so colorful!
Today is the one year anniversary of my boyfriend and mine's relationship :) I'm so happy!!!

Also the collage at the bottom is of all the stuff I ordered from Romwe(New wedges FINALLY xD) 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Dress&Blazer- http://ohmyfrock.com
Hi guys!!!
I just got this dress and blazer in the mail yesterday, I really wasn't expecting to wear them together buy they ended up matching perfectly!!! I'm pretty happy about having a huge tiger on my chest... it's just so ferocious!

Don't forget to enter my goodgoodschina giveaway below! :) Only 8 people have so far! :O

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Peter pan collar!

Peter Pan Collar- http://romwe.com

Shorts&Shoes- F21
Hey guys!
I diy'd my necklace along with this shirt(used to be my mother's) by simply cutting one slit up the middle and tying it. My lovely collar that goes a long with it to make it much fancier than it originally was is from Romwe of course! Only about ten dollars too, good deal! My shorts were 12$ and my shoes were 10$ from F21!!! Deals galore!!! My backpack is a gift from my boyfriend :) He bought it at Icings for only 35$, which is a really good price for these hyped up backpacks! I love it though, they had MANY others there too, so if you're ever in the vicinity of Icings, go check em out!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

.Too Many Cheifs.


Jecket- http://crashandburnapparel.com

You guys should definitely check out aSociete. I really LOVELOVELOVE the whole concept of the website because it's based toward college students and has really awesome clothing, it's more on the urban side of style. It has a really good selection for men too, so I think it's also a great site to buy nice things for boyfriends on a budget, especially mine since he is very urban :) But yeah, everything is very cheap, I was really surprised, and all of the clothing I received are great reliable quality brands(Even got a Betsey Johnson dress very cheap!!!) Haha, they even use cute college terms on their site like FAFSA(Free aSociete Funding for Students All day). I just filled out my first actual FAFSA form for college this fall and that was such a pain -_- Oh my gosh, BUT at least I got money!!! Haha!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


socks- http://oasap.com

jacket- http://crashandburnapparel.com

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Just a plain old look today, wearing my crashandburn jacket(so great) and cute wool forever21 shorts(so adorable) and my oasap socks(so frilly)!
I was talking my photos as always, but I guess the people in that neighborhood got a new dog, because I found this little guy behind me in every single one of my photos. He looks pretty intimidating and must be pretty stealthy for me to have never noticed him o.o

Also! Two giveaways now! One for Romwe, and one for Goodgoodschina! Find them and enter them, the rules are super simple :)

And I hope you all enjoy the new look of my blog.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


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The winner will be chosen as usual with randomly on 2nd of APR!
Date: 9thMAR- 31th MARI wish good luck to all of you!!! Love you guys, and hope that you really enjoy this giveaway :))

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Resilience clothing collab

Shirt- http://www.resilience.bigcartel.com/
sandals- Target

crosses- http://romwe.com
tail- http://amazon.com

vest- Forever21
I recently found out about this awesome brand Resilience clothing, it's directed towards a mail crowd but I couldn't help buy love the design! I paired this casual band tee from Resilience with my acid washed vest and my distressed crash and burn jacket to get a gritty tough look. The crosses are a necklace but they look so cute hung on this bag!!! The feather is also a necklace too, I just love using necklaces as purse decor :] I was also craving some brown leather sandals for this spring/summer and Target is definitely the place to go right now! They have sooo many cute sandals!!! All so earthy looking too!

My favorites from the ClubCouture Flair Sring '12 collection!!!

Find it HERE
I think this is the perfect basic peter pan collared dress! And the material looks great for this spring!
Find it HERE
I just sooo LOVE this dress!!! You could pair it with some high colored heels or accessory to make it POP!
Find them HERE & HERE
This outfit is very chic and casual. I would not hesitate to wear this as is!
Find it HERE
ClubCouture has really just hit it spot on with these beautiful peter pan dresses<3
Find my FAVORITE here! :)
This, last but definitely not least, is my favorite of the collection!!! It's so soft and dreamy, and the color is cute!

Find my Lookbook look of today HERE :)

Mint Pig

bag- http://oasap.com

socks- http://oasap.com

Hello guys!
I'm actually in a rush right now so this is a very short post that I am planning to add way more to later! But I just wanted to make other photos of my look available :)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this piggy bag from OASAP, isn't it just the cutest!? No doubt about it, AND it's mint! Perfect for spring :D And these lacey socks! Perfect for floral wedges ;)

Well goodbye now! I am off to Target with my mom!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My fox tail, Peter

tail- http://amazon.com
tights- http://romwe.com

bag-charlotte russe
dress&long necklace-F21

brown necklace&pink necklace&black slip- http://romwe.com
glasses- Target

Hey guys, I took these photos yesterday and I thought they had turned out just lovely! I rarely put my hair up so this was an odd event. I bought this beautiful rust colored dress from Forever21 for around 20$ and they also had  white, teal, and black dresses too! Unfortunately it didn't come with anything to wear under it, but luckily I had a slip from ROMWE :) I've been feeling really earthy lately too, it's probably just the hot weather coming that's making me feel this way haha

Friday, March 9, 2012


Dress- http://motelrocks.com
blazer- Forever21
tights- http://romwe.com

Rock necklace-Forever21
Shoes-Charlotte Russe
 Hey guys, so I got this wonderful dress from MOTEL ROCKS who you should most definitely check out! They have this seasons hottest dresses, BODYCON!!!<3 They're very sexy yet appropriate when paired with a blazer for this spring. I paired this silver bodycon from motel rocks with a high powered pink punch to add some flair to the outfit. The tights from Romwe also keep the high voltage color balanced so it's not too overwhelming.

I went to Venice and Santa Monica this weekend also. I wore my bodycon from Motelrocks there but sadly the photos didn't turn out so well because my boyfriend took them with his iPhone :( But a friend of ours took this picture of us in the middle of our shoot, so candid, I love it :D