Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New look: GaGa & The beach with my boyfriend!

Creepers- http://www.wholesale-dress.net/union-5348
Slave Bracelet-http://captiv.bigcartel.com
Bracelet&Snake Belt- Thrifted
Diy Vest- Levi's
Sunglasses- Old Navy
Backpack- Icing's

So, I've been reading a lot of the Hunger Games.
Team Peeta.

On a super awesome note:
I went to the beach with my boyfriend and he bought me a promise ring there! :3

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Dress- Forever21
Shoes&snake belt- Thrift
Hello everyone!

I am here to announce the Romwe giveaway winner!!! And it is...

I hope you all enter my future giveaways because who knows! 
You could be next.

Monday, April 16, 2012

.Empire of the Sun.

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Cross necklace- http://romwe.com
Cuff- F21
Shoes and earrings and hat- Vintage
Both glasses- http://80spurple.com
thanks to my english teacher for this beautiful shawl!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A deeper look. My formspring

Top, ring, shoes, socks- Forever21
Belt- Payless

I've noticed that as a fashion blogger, I've become more and more conscious of how I look. I feel pressured to present myself at my best always, because I never know where my photos will end up. I've seen complete strangers posting them on Tumblr, I don't mind, but it makes me more conscious of the fact that everything I release to the internet is in the internet's hands and I control the feed of what people see of me, and therefore how they perceive me as a person. It's easy to control how people see you on the internet through pictures, and give them the idea that that's what you look like on a daily basis. That I always have long curly golden brown hair and an indifferent expression. Truth is, if any one of my fans and followers were to see me in person they might not immediately recognize me! I have hair that only goes to my mid chest(nice way to say nipples), and am a fun loving person, who is always making jokes, and I'm extremely short!

Really, what brought this on was when I looked at the last photo and thought to myself, 'Oh no, I look short!!!' But then I thought, 'Why do I care, I am short!' Being a fashion blogger and having to be aesthetically pleasing, I've concerned myself with looking a height that I'm not, because being tall in much more pleasing to the eye! Having longer hair is more pleasing to the eye! Looking indifferent all the time has that 'cool' factor that excites people!

I don't want this to confuse you all, that I am 'fakey'. I'm not, being able to manipulate exactly how you want to look is all part of the fun of the internet. I do dress like this everyday. But with the internet I can look much cooler than I feel I guess haha, and it's just influenced me to adjust certain features I have to be more pleasing to people aesthetically.

Well, anyway, that's my blog rant.
I've made a Formspring, feel free to pick my mind. Be aware that I'll only answer QUESTIONS. I'll read your comments, but I'm not going to reply to them.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

.Prep Jerks Giveaway Winner//Brashy.

Shoes&Sunglasses- http://romwe.com/

So, I took these pictures straight after coming home from school since I was pretty satisfied with my outfit for the day. Let me tell you, everyone was meow-ing at me and making kitten pawing gestures ALLLLLL day long. I've never worn an outfit so gimmicky but hey! It's pretty cute :3

By the way! Winner of my Prep Jerks Giveaway issssss

I still have my big Romwe giveaway, so do not forget to test your luck there also :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

.Happy Easter!.


Slave bracelet+neckalce-http://captiv.bigcartel.com/
hat+sunglasses+brown necklace+skirt- http://romwe.com

top- http://www.bqueenshoes.com/bqueen-novelty-essential-bandage-dress-orange-h033y-p-573.html

Hey guys!
I got a huge hual of clothes that came in yesterday, it was extremely exciting :D I got my really AMAZING shoes from Romwe I've been dreaming about, and I was SO happy when they fit purrfectly!!! Ah, I love them, I put them on a pedestal in my room, for 90$ shoes? HECK YEAH I PUT THEM ON DISPLAY! I really like this outfit because it makes me feel sorta club kiddish ;3 The yellow bandage top really pulls it all together for me, it's a dress, but I prefer it as an awesome top.

 Anyway, I wanted to get straight to the point of my all time favorite thing I received out of everything yesterday(almost out of everything I've ever received!) this beautiful slave bracelet Tevin Vincent made! Ah, I've been salivating over these things, they're absolutely gorgeous. And may I say the comfort of it is purely amazing, I don't even notice it while I'm wearing it, and the metal magnetic clasp that keeps it secure it extremely reliable. It didn't fall off once I wore it for 12+ hours yesterday, even now as I type :) You can get your own HERE there are some great ones with beautiful stones.

Do not forget my two giveaways BELOW! For ROMWE and PREPJERKS :)
Only a few days left.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Romwe Easter Giveaway! 80$Freebies+Collar

Ever wanted one of these beautiful metal collars!? Now is your chance to win one ALL free :) And a great 80 dollar bonus in freebies!!! I know I recently had a Romwe giveaway but they're just so nice that they allowed me another to celebrate Easter!

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Simple and easy! Let's do this :)

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End date: 04/20/2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Prep Jerks Giveaway

Hat- http://romwe.com
Tank top- http://prepjerks.com
Shoes- F21
Bag- Icings

Hellllllllllllllllllo guys!!!
Another giveaway :) We've done tote bags, jewelry, freebies, and jewelry but today I announce a tank top giveaway from PrepJerks! You'll win the same one as I am wearing so please enter to be my twinsy.

1. Like them on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/PrepJerks
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5.As always, leave your email and name and someone will contact you when the end date of the giveaway comes up!!!
6. The deadline is in exactly one week, ends the 12th of April!

Thanks :D

Monday, April 2, 2012

.Stay Home//Giveaway Winner.

Hey y'all!
dress- http://asociete.com
leggings- http://cusii.com
Blouse- http://romwe.com
Well, I am on spring break and let me tell you, it's going to be a pretty boring spring break... although, I do get to go to Venice beach again this Friday!!! I love seeing all the crazy people, they're so artsy and fun.

Well today I am wearing this Betsey Johnson dress! I felt so crazy in this extremely pink color I had to tone it down by layering black elements over it! I forgot to take pictures of it, but there are some big ruffles on the butt, it's pretty awesome and makes me feel like I am about to tango!
I got another pair of thermal leggings but from a different company called Cusii, I would say these are much warmer than the ones from iWearSin I had, but these have a rougher texture on the inside, but it's not noticeable once you slip them onto your dainty lady legs! Which ones to get? Well I would say it depends on whether you want to be extremely warm or just warm, so let the climate decide for you what is necessary!

And oh yes, now for the Romwe giveaway winner! It was...


Sorry it took me so long guys, I've been outta the loop of blogging!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

.You Never Get Nervous Anymore.

skirt- http://iwearsin.com
sandals- Target
shirt&bag- charlotte russe
cardi- F21
belt- payless
sunglasses- old navy

Hello everyone :D

It's been a long time no see, but I think I am making a come back with my new leopard attire ;D I went to a birthday party at the park and so I wore this very soft lovely outfit, featuring my new skirt from iWearSin with my shirt from charlotte russe which I LOVELOVELOVE. I'm really attracted to muted colors, so spring time is the best to bust out a nice dull pink color<3 You'll probably see me in this color often since black is no longer an option, the heat is up in the 100s wear I live during summer :(
Anyway, I've been trying to actually do interesting things with my hair everyday, it's pretty ridiculous how often I just wear my hair down in the same way for years -_- So, I put a nice lil' braid on the side!
Have an awesome April Fools Day!