Thursday, May 31, 2012


Leggings- HERE
Shoes- Thrift

Blue necklace- billabong
Shirt- thrift

My mom got me this really weird ombre tank top last winter and I've never been able to figure out a way to wear it, then I got these leggings in the mail yesterday, and POW!~ Match made in heaven?<3 Thank goodness neither of these items have a mouth, otherwise they'd be making out and in LOVE!!!
So yeah, I've been imagining myself as a 'club kid' lately, running around with my midriff showing. I don't know what else to call this style. Downtown appropriate perhaps? Even then, where I live, this outfit is appropriate NO WHERE. I actually wore this to the mall and it was the most ridicule I had ever received in such a short amount of time in my whole life! Jerks. Apparently they don't know how to appreciate my crushed velvet boots which I am completely enamored with. Them and their ineffable beauty...

I graduate from high school at 8 o' clock today!
Wish me luck B]

Saturday, May 26, 2012

.GunsN'Roses&DAISIES!?. (Giveaway Also)

Shoes, Sunglasses, Necklace, Shirt, Scarf-
Pants- Forever21

Yesterday was pretty gloomy, so I wanted to brighten it up with some yellow and flowers, and good ol' rock n' roll! I paired this mustard shirt together with my olive colored pants I got from Forever21 to create this nice color pallet. The touches of red was a needed touch to keep this outfit from looking too... barfy. Haha. My shoes I absolutely love! I feel like a geisha... yet Swedish because they're just so cloggy! The shape is so interesting, definitely something NO ONE in my town has ever even been exposed to(I went to the mall this weekend and captured many peculiar looks, I was even stopped by one woman demanding she know where my shoes were from!)

Anyway, I hope my outfit brightened up your days at least a bit and inspired you to wear something sunshiney! :)

Oh and by the way, new Romwe giveaway... AGAIN!

Enter to win this dress(I've worn this in past posts!) and 50$ freebies.
All you have to do is...

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Cat Attack!

Hat and bracelet above- Thrift
All other jewelry and skirt- F21
Shoes- Bakers

I'm about to go to bed, but I wanted to post this before I crashed out. I got this shirt from Romwe with a sort of queen kitty on it! It's got this really funky all over the place feel with the cracked pattern and floral design. I paired this with tribal printed jewelry to add to the madness of all the patterns in the shirt. Went with my cut out theme again as you can see in the necklace, cuff, and shoes. Anyway, I really hope you guys enjoy this look but I need to sleep!!! 
So goodnight<3 :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm eighteen :D

Hello everyone! I really hope you're all having a super wonderful week! As for me, my week has been great, just celebrated my 18th birthday, woo! I'm an adult, it's so strange.
Well, for my birthday, my dad bought me a canon rebel t3i. It is so beautiful and takes amazing photos. I am so excited about it because I can finally show you guys detailed clear photos of my outfits<3 And I plan to start doing some videos, including makeup tutorials and ootds!

I diy'd this bralette this morning. It was originally a dress, and I just cut it to the seam that was around the waist and it worked out! The black shawl I am wearing I also diy'd, it was originally a poncho, but I really love it now because it gives every outfit that 'I'm feeling witchy' vibe. Seriously guys, don't be afraid to diy anything you don't find much enjoyment out of wearing, because if your altercations to the clothing turns out great you have yourself a new staple item. Like I wouldn't have ever worn the dress or poncho more than twice, but now that it's altered how I like I'll be wearing them all the time.
The fork cuff I also made. I went to Red Lobster on my birthday and I just saw this adorable little fork stabbed into my fancy buttered bread, and so I took the liberty to create it into a cuff as a birthday bracelet to keep for years!!! 

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Olivia, Amber, Yuri, me

Adam and me

Nikko and Edward, haha!

Finally got to meet Edward after doing the Lookbook is for Lovers contest!

Travis and Me

Hello everyone!
So last weekend on the 12th I went to dinner in West Hollywood with all of these amazing Lookbookers. It was so great to meet everyone, and such a pleasure to have been invited!!! We all had some yummy Thai food and talked with each other and the Lookbook team. The Lookbook team was lovely, and all the Lookbookers were amazingly awesome too! The IVI party was pretty cool, I had never been in an environment like it, it was definitely a great experience. There was a performance by BLEACHED while we were there. Nikko and I ended up leaving pretty early since we got tired but it's definitely an experience I'll never forget, and getting to meet all these people and make closer connections was the best.
You guys should definitely check out Rob Dyrdek's new eyewear brand IVI eyewear HERE

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

30 years of GUESS

Hello everyone!
This is my look to honor 30 years of GUESS, I really tried to capture the more sensual mood of Estelle Lefebure. A denim crop top and high waisted pencil pants just made sense to pair up for this timeless look, along with this shawl I am completely enamored with.
To make it extra GUESS-y I tore the medallion off of this bag I bought in sex grade, and walaaa! Turned it into a necklace!

You can hype my look here: GUESS<3

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Hello everyone! 

New giveaway courtesy of Romwe to celebrate summer coming up!!!
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good luck everyone :)

I also want to invite you all to this beautiful movement Crash and Burn is holding!

Also check it out for yourself that I am featured on the site here! :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Formspring and Instagram account info!

Long turquoise necklace-
Camel bone necklace- from a club at my school
Belt- vintage
Dress- Wal-Mart
Shoes- Bakers

Looped bracelet-
silver bracelet- thrift

Hello everyone!

This outfit was very much inspired by Madeline Pendleton. She is such a lovely grungy/bohemian lady, which I must say is my favorite style! The mixture of grunge and bohemian is just so appealing to me. I wanted to give this rocker fringe tee a different look rather than the typical 'I'm wearing denim shorts, and a beanie, and I'm going to go watch a concert outdoors' look. So I saw my mom's old summer dress on the ground and decided to layer this all together, and hey, it worked! :D Also, while I was at my college's orientation I saw this beautiful necklace made from camel bone! It's absolutely amazing!

I just want you all to know that I have a formspring and instagram account!
This way with my formspring,, you can ask me all those questions you've been wanting responses to! I'll try to reply ASAP.
Also, if you have an instagram feel free to follow me at kendall_ca, you can see the many random photos I upload daily there! Like the one below...

Neckalces- F21
Vest- CONVERSE from Taget
Belt- Dollar store
Left Cuff- Vintage Right Cuff- F21

My boyfriend being the funny guy I love was dying to mock me, and so this was the result... I'm pretty proud of him. It humors me that he wears a lower rise pant than I do.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Long necklace-
Dress- Wal-Mart
Shoes- Bakers
Everything else- Vintage

Hello everyone! I invite you to be a part of my newest giveaway, sponsored by my good friend Tevin Vincent!
For the giveaway the prize is this amazing crop top fringe shirt I am wearing here, perfect for summer outdoor concerts ;) Go for a rocker look in this shirt, or a flowy bohemian look like I did! Your choice, it's your's all free! 

ANYWAY here are the rules!

2. Follow my blog!
3. Leave a comment with your email address and name!

ENDS: May 20th!

I wish you all luck and hope many of you enter...

did I also mention that there will be TWO winners ;)

Saturday, May 5, 2012


My promise ring from Nikko! :)

Shirt/Cuff/Necklace- F21
Shoes- Bakers
Faux Bans- Old Navy
Cross Slave Bracelet-

Hey everyone!
So I've been playing around a bit with the whole 'cut-out' theme! Using that, I made it springy with these amaaazing mint colored pants I found at a store in the lower socio-economic area of my town , and for only 8$ too!!! Can you believe that!? It's also where I purchased the longer necklace from for only 3$, gotta love deals. And to top it off I have my cross slave bracelet to give it that certain edginess every outfit needs ;)

I hope you all also noticed my beautiful promise ring Nikko got me in the top picture!