Sunday, June 24, 2012


 All black.
The perfect color scheme for a summer outfit!
I got this really amazing vest courtesy of Choies, I absolutely love how it is like a cape. So it just flows so nicely while I am struttin' about town. I wish I had taken an up close photo of my amazing animal necklace :'( Sorry guys, I will another day!
Hope this look inspired you to be leathery.
I got this pretty amazing iPhone case for my boyfriend courtesy of iconemsis! That's right guys, I don't have an iPhone like everyone else, boo-hoo. If you are fortunate enough to have a super cool iPhone you should totally check out this site because they have the coolest artwork on their cases. They also have some really cute girly designs! Adorable bunnies and such :3 Also regarding quality I would give the case a 5/5. And a 5/5 for vibrant color!

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Friday, June 22, 2012

.Cherry Waves.


Headdress, top, shawl, jewelry- vintage
Pink skirt-
Stars skirt-

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Canvas Wear 2012//GIVEAWAY

Cam and me!
He even has his 'Canvas Owl' tattooed on his leg, check it out in the video at the bottom :)

Hey everyone!
My friend Cameron started up this really inspiring brand a few months ago called Canvas Wear. As you can see above he is a beautiful artist and has serious talent. It's always nice to find someone interested in the arts in the town I live in, the town we come from tends to be very narrow minded and discouraging to the arts. Everyone's creativity here seems to be kept in a box due to the conservative environment. So, I really respect people like Cameron who take the incentive to do what they really want and go running with it.
I would explain the meaning of Canvas Wear but nothing explains it better than the YouTube video below that he made. The video is amazing quality and it even shows him getting the Canvas Wear owl tattooed on his own leg. It's really inspiring, especially if you're a Christian you'll relate well to the meaning. On that note I would like to mention that I do not worship any God or have any religious beliefs but I love the concept of Canvas Wear and the morals it's sending out. More people need to be open minded, which is a great message to send out to everyone, especially in a town like mine that needs to receive the message that creativity is amazing in any way shape or form.

Look Below For The Giveaway

Owl shirt-
Long turquoise necklace and slave bracelet-
Rest is vintage/gifts 

Cameron doesn't know I am doing this but I am going to host Canvas Wear's first giveaway.
I will be giving away the shirt I am personally wearing(size S/M) to one of you amazing readers.

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The giveaway will end 3 weeks from now on July 8th.


.Sour Girl.

Necklace underneath gold one- F21

Shawl- Vintage

I've been craving sheer long black dresses, so you can only imagine my excitement when I received this one from Iwearsin! They don't carry any of these dresses in my town which is a disappointment. Well when you do find one it's from F21 and lime green or magenta.
I found this gold necklace in my mom's drawer and it just really made me want to embody some culture so I just experimented with all of my clothes to create this look! And by the way if you all are looking for bindis I suggest buying nail jewels and using eyelash glue to apply them to your face.

Also if you haven't listened to the song Sour Girl, do it now!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012


100 freebies, a bracelet, and a t-shirt :)

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Monday, June 11, 2012


Both necklaces-
Hat- Vintage
Shawl- diy vintage

Shoes- Bakers

arm and hand jewelry- vintage
Hello everyone♥
My boyfriend and I were out and about town and found this great location to take photos, the good ol' classic red&yellow combo! This just happens to be my third collaboration with Sugarlips, they were actually the very first sponsor to ever approach me so we have a nostalgic relationship, ya know? ;) We've pretty much both grown up together.

I hope that I look like an obnoxiously yellow witch,
that's what I wanted to accomplish!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

.Big Empty.

socks- Payless

blue necklace-
shirt- http;//

sunglasses- 80spurple

Skirt- F21

Hello everyone!!!
I went to the river yesterday with my brother, dad, and CoCo. The scenery is so beautiful there so I had to take photos for you all :) I actually may take more today in a similar location.
I FINALLY GOT A PAIR OF BOOTS!!! And decided the first day having them to wear them in this extremely dirty and rocky area to give them some more character.  I have been wanting some so badly, I've never had a pair before and I am beyond satisfied! I love the little buckle on them, and they look great with scrunchy socks. I'm probably going to wear these in so many looks that you guys are going to get sick of them! Overall, I went for a typical safe grungey look of mine and titled the look a typical grungey song. Oh well! I really hope you guys have a great Sunday!
Me and my brother/photographer haha!