Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Sunglasses- 80spurple.com
Star Print One piece- Lulus.com
Gold necklace&Cuff- Forever21
Skull Necklace- Romwe.com
Star Print Skirt-Romwe.com

CONVERSE C/O of Converse

How else could you imagine me making it in this big bad world!?

So, Lookbook asked me to join their collaboration with Converse! I was super excited because these are some VERY AWESOME shoes and I have yet to actually own a pair! What's better is they gave me my own tagline to keep in mind and inspire the outfit I come up with which is SHOES KEEP IT DOWN, SNEAKERS MAKE A SCENE. I almost went into AP English essay writing mode trying to analyze and break down every aspect of this line to come up with the perfect outfit, and then I just thought, why not inspire the outfit from Kimbra in the music video Warrior. *Makes Yao Ming Face* 
Kimbra has definitely been my OBSESSION lately and Warrior is my all time favorite song by her which just so happens to be her own collab with Converse! And she definitely made a SCENE in her Converse when she took off her skirt and just had on that awesome one piece and kicked some butt, some butt ten times her size!!! Kimbra def wouldn't have been able to accomplish that feat in just any old shoe. So, I took the opportunity to honor her and do my own collaboration with Converse inspired by her. I paired my great one piece with my old military jacket and skirt to provide for her first outfit in the video, and then simply take off the skirt and I have her kick ass second luchador look! I added a quirky little piece with the sugarskull necklace to make up for her awesome skull mask! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Billabong Design For Humanity Event/Romwe Haul&Huge Sale/Day With Nikko

Last Wednesday Lookbook invited me to the Billabong Design For Humanity event at Paramount Studios! It was so beautiful in there, it looked like New York. Unfortunately I was an idiot and left my camera at home since I thought it would be a hassle :( So I had to steal the top photo from Edward Honaker and the two below I found on Google haha My friend Halie and I are in both of the photos though, just have to find us! It was awesome meeting all these Lookbookers again for the second time, and being able to socialize. The runway show was AMAZING, first one I've ever seen. I'll never forget it!!!

Studded Converse- Romwe.com

Eyeball Bracelet&Ring- Romwe.com
All other rings vintage/dolphin toe ring from AVON

Dress- Romwe.com

I thought I would do a sort of haul and show all of you what I have most recently received from Romwe. I picked out these CRAZY GREAT Converse!!! I thought that I was over the whole 'studs' trend but when it comes to these babies, oh man, they're too great and super comfortable. I was surprised since I suspected the studs would somehow hurt my feet. Definitely worth the price, to have this look. And Converse are the type of shoes that the more you wear them, the better they look! I've also had this INSANE craving for an eyeball bracelet! I got this one from Romwe and I'm really satisfied with it since the quality is good and the color of the silver and eyes are bright and nice to my liking. The cobra ring is also something I got, I really like it because it's adjustable and I have tiny tiny tiny fingers! Also wanted to add the little idea of using a toe ring as an actual ring! I rarely wear toe rings, since my toes rarely show in the first place, but my mom has bought me a lot of cool ones in the past that are just lying around my room now, but they make awesome layering rings!!! Just wear them on the upper half of your finger like I did with my dolphin toe ring, SUPER AWESOME. The dress has another print I've been going insane over! TROPICAL. TROPICAL. TROPICAL. I'm pretty sure I would dress in EVERYTHING tropical all day everyday if I could, and Romwe has a ton of Tropical themed items right now which I am definitely going to take advantage of. I also want to share that they're having a huge sale right now, so you yourself may want to take advantage of that!!!


Nikko and I played around with my camera taking photos :3 Just thought I would share!

Monday, July 23, 2012


Earrings from the Shell Shop at Moro Bay

Braid Headband- Sophora
Denim Shirt- Wal-Mart
Bra- http://romwe.com
Leggings- http://lovelysally.com
Boots- Target
Juicy Couture Necklace- http://romwe.com
Birds of Encouragement pun c/o Jennifer
Ever taken a nap on that wicker chair with the Hawaiian print padding in your back yard and just dreamt of better times, times when you too had a tropical bird screen printed onto your legs? Well, I'm here to let you know that TUCAN TOO. So follow my BIRDS of encouragement and put a tucan on your legs! I mean c'mon, what else do you want? A cracker?
Ditch the muumuu for a day and try out these bad boi-ds!
Can't have on Tucan leggings without some FROOT LOOPS inspired item. I chose this necklace my friend Juan gifted me from Mexico made out of real fruit pits, all the colors of Froot Loops included! 
Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange.

I was feeling a bit theme-y today if you could not already tell. I've been so happy now that I have a laptop, instead of using the desktop in the kitchen, because now I can sit down and actually do some creative writing for my posts. I really hope y'all enjoy! :)

This was totally my favorite breakfast as a kid.
I haven't had it for years and am CRAVING it.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

.Peace y'all/Romwe giveaway winner.

Sunglasses and floral pants- http://romwe.com
Hair jewelry- http://www.etsy.com/shop/FunnyPeopleCo
Vest- http://choies.com
Shawl- vintage
Jewelry- most vintage/thirft/gifts
You know me, always tough n' alternative! But today I put on these flowy floral messes of good ol' sweetness and I took on the personality of a peace lovin' save the animals boho goddess y'all(a southern boho goddess). My chain headpiece really centers all my lil' ol' flower boho goddess passions smack dab on my forehead! After all, what else could there really be worth thinking about? Nothing I tell ya. Here I've even surrounded myself in flowers, pink flowers, CARNATION PINK FLOWERS FOR PETE'S SAKE. How much more of a softie could I be? Well, I am wearin' fake leather if y'all wonderin'! Ain't no rawhide on this girl.

Hope y'all havin' a good day, and just to let ya know the winner of my Romwe giveaway is...
* initiates momma ringin' the triangle dinner bell*


Saturday, July 21, 2012


Backpack- Icing's in the mall
A skateboard tucked under my arm would have been the perfect prop for this outfit, and I say it would only be a prop because although my outfit says otherwise, I have absolutely no ability to ride a skateboard! And although the lion on my shirt is no Cowardly Lion, I would have to posses some courage to conquer skating over this rough gravel terrain. 
Otherwise I'd be CRUISIN' 4 A BRUISIN'

Friday, July 20, 2012



Dress- Foreign Exchange
Shirt- http://furormoda.com
Nail polish- Sally Hansen magnetic nail polish in Golden Conduct
Boots- Target
Hello Everyone!
I have to discuss the above painting! A wonderful girl named Mara did this fan art of my look below it!!! It looks perfect, I am soooo in love with it and beyond flattered :) It made my eyes well up with tears, that's how much I appreciated it♥ I put her link below the painting so if you all want you can follow her on tumblr, she has REAL talent.

Sally Hanson had really loved the past look I did for them with Lookbook, so they asked me to do another, I was very flattered :) I really do recommend anyone who is lazy like me to purchase this nail polish, it is extremely simple and quick to put on. Takes me less than 3 min for each hand, but the results look as if they took me many minutes of tedious laborous work!
More on the look I decided to base it around Winnie the Pooh. This books always been in my house and it's really old and weathered and beautiful, I thought it'd make the perfect prop for an outfit with boots that look like they could survive a storm like Pooh and his friends did :3 I always really liked that movie as a kid, especially Eyeore's overly pessimistic ass. I can relate to him a bit on that sadly. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

.Don't Speak.

 Sunglasses- http://80spurple.com
Necklace- F21
Tank/vest- vintage
Shorts- Wal-mart/diy
 Hello everyone!
Today I am wearing a casual outfit. I got this vintage shirt from my grandma neighbor across the street, she is pretty cool and sweet for giving it to me :3 The shorts I made myself. They were just a pair of old Wal-Mart leggings in my room, so I cut them above the knee and just put slits in them, they're really cool actually! Totally suggest trying the same thing if you have any old hated leggings lying around. 
So, I added some blonde to my hair, and then I also thought it would be a great idea to bleach the part in my hair and dye it blue. I don't think it was such a great idea... but that's ok! Live and learn! Although I am thinking of dying the bottom section of my hair that blue color... hmmm should I?

Monday, July 16, 2012


Hey everyone!
I'm going to be going to this event with the Lookbook crew in the next few upcoming weeks! It should be super fun since it features a fashion show, music, and art!!! Wow, cannot wait. I've also seen Imagine Dragons and Walk the Moon before and they are really good :3 So that's too exciting!
If you'd like to come out and support yourself, you can buy tickets here!!! http://us.designforhumanity.com/#1
And if you see me there: totally approach me!

Friday, July 6, 2012


Hat&Belt- Thift
Necklace- Swap Meet
Gold Bracelet- http://romwe.com
Bra- Pacsun
Dress&Socks- Forever21
I felt inspired by the pastels in Baby's On Fire.
Yo-Landi is the most interesting gal I've ever seen. I love it.

P.S. this is my front door


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth

Mesh Bra- http://romwe.com
Long Cardi/Dress-http://romwe.com
Leo Pants- http://solilor.com
Eagle Necklace- F21
All Other Jewelry from an Assortment of Places
For all of you who celebrate the Fourth of July, I hope you have a great one!
I am in no way comfortable with mixing prints, but I decided to get sooo 'CrAy' with it yesterday and came up with this look! I actually really like the outcome! I wore it out to Target, and to get some half off Sonic shakes with my buds, then I also ate some ribs in it, it's a very durable outfit and so I was even more pleased. I just about sh*t myself when I received this BEAUTIFUL cardigan/dress. It's THE best purchase I've ever made or perhaps ever will. It's one of those things that I am definitely going to keep throughout the ages and pass down!


Also wanted to share that I ordered some new horse leggings ;) And I thought it was about time I give into the galaxy trend and get something of the sort! These come from Romwe at REALLY good prices, I was pretty shocked that they were so inexpensive! They have a ton of leggings in stock at Romwe and also there is a coupon too. If you buy 50$ worth of items you can use the code 'LEG5' and receive 5$ off!