Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Vest- C/O shoptunnelvision.com
Pants+Eagle necklace- Forever21.com
Bracelets+Belt- Thrift
Slave Bracelet- C/O Tevin Vincent

Hey everyone!
Shop Tunnel Vision recently asked me to collaborate with them which was some of the most exciting news I had gotten all summer! Madeline, the co-founder of Tunnel Vision, is one of my favorite bloggers after all and she def inspires my boho rocker desert woman side ;-) And besides, nothing can end your summer better than becoming the new owner of a good ol' acid washed self appliqued with glitter glue animal cut outs with bedazzled eyes denim vest!!! Lovin' the huge shoulders on this thing too, makes me feel very Mad Max-safari edition. With this outfit I decided to stay to the Tunnel Vision theme, wore some of my favorite turquoise jewelry, my eagle necklace, and busted out my crochet bell bottoms and walked down to the oilfields to take these pics.

Well, have a great day guys! And definitely check out Tunnel Vision for great vintage finds!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


flannel and jewelry - Thrift

 Motorcycle jacket- Billabong
Spike bracelet- http://choies.com 

Sugarlips gifted me all three of these dresses! I was very excited to style them all :) I hope that you guys like how I came up with all these different outfits using their dresses! I also received this awesome muscle tee courtesy of bad ass DOLLSKILL!!! I've never owned anything from Unif, so it was pretty cool to finally get my hands on something from the company! It's also pretty neat that they carry other brands like Wildfox, which in my opinion is to like DIE for x.x LOVE Wildfox, everything is just so pretty! And they also carry JOYRICH! Check out their new selection ^-^


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday4Wednesday/HUGE ROMWE CLEARANCE

Hat- Thrift
Sweater C/O- inlovewithfashion.com
Blouse C/O- sugarlips.com
Shorts C/O- Romwe.com
Lipstick 'certainly red' Revlon- drugstore.com
So, I thought it was about time that I make my own Wednesday Addams inspired outfit! I paired together this amazing sweater I was gifted from inlovewithfashion with a blouse with a giant bow from sugarlips!!! Y'all should try doing a combo of a big bowed blouse with a knit sweater!
 It's a very simple outfit but I feel like it says a lot, like 'Ooo I'm so bad, yet I like to keep myself warm and cozy!' You ask about my legs being cold?? Well, by the time winter rolls around I'll have cultivated enough leg fur to keep me warm throughout a tundra. So do not fret ;-)

It actually just popped into my head that if I had on my raybans, I'd probably have a really cool Violet E. look going on, that woman knows how to work the color black! I absolutely love her and her wide brimmed hats. And her photography is absolutely amazing, y'all should check out her blog HERE.

Last but not least I want to alert y'all of a HUGE Romwe clearance that will start this Friday on the 24th and end the 31st. There will be discounts on TONS of stuff, ranging from 5%-60% PLUS a 15% extra discount if your order reaches $70! Just use the code: clearance15% 

CLICK HERE TO START BUYING FRIDAY :) or now if you can't wait haha!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


 Hat- Thrift

Hello everybody!!!

I tried going for this classy boho desert traveler woman look. I feel like it translated over well! I really should have take these photos in the oilfields next to my house so I could have had that apocalypse dead terrain to make my outfit look more themey! Well, I really like this look, and I hope it maybe inspired you all to do some classy desert shit!

I had gotten this clutch from Foreign Exchange, I found the link to the exact clutch which you can find above. It's even on sale now! When I had bought it for prom it was about 40$, now it's about 20, so that's great! The quality is super too. Below I listed some alternatives in case you like them better than what I have, some are cheaper and some are more pricey! Just listed some of my fave finds!

Untie your boots, wear some fringe, and slap on a floppy brimmed hat!
We're going to an ostrich farm!!! Yeah y'all, my very own Pa took me to the Ostrich Farm in Tehachapi!!! I don't care if y'all don't appreciate ostriches because you're about to be force fed some with the following photos. Check out those little guys and enjoy their beauty!!!

An ostrich egg!!! Ostrich eggs can be eaten raw because it's impossible for an ostrich to catch any disease or get sick!!! THEY'RE EVEN MORE SUPER THAN THE 'SUPER BIRD' YOU CAN ORDER AT DENNY'S.


Tell him he is beautiful. Do not deny his lovely whisp of hair.
Chillen baby

I think someone tore the fluff off the top of his head :'(

I tried telling him a joke... but he was just too tough a nut to crack.

Look at the many emotions these 10ft 500 pounder birds express at the presentation of our pellets.
Left to Right:
"Hmmm... looks like pellets, smells like pellets... wonder if it tastes like pellets?"

Monday, August 20, 2012


Dress- C/O inlovewithfashion.com
Butterfly necklace- Mom's vintage
Leaf Cuff- romwe.com
Suede Vest- romwe.com
Sandals- Target.com

Hi everyone!
I'm really tired and I have to go to bed soon because it's my brother's first day of 8th grade tomorrow and I have to drop him off early!!! But I just wanted to post this before I went to bed :) I really love this dress, it's really beautiful. The shape is just amazing and makes me feel so lovely! I also like that the flowers and leaves are more of darker colors, keeping it very romantic. It's the perfect fall floral dress. I wanted to keep the look very 'pretty' and feminine, so I only added subtle jewelry and a small sandy colored vest. THANK YOU INLOVEWITHFASHION. I'd been curious about their dresses with all of the hype going around about them, but I would definitely give this product a 10/10! So  in my book, they've definitely lived up to everything I expected.
Hope you all like my girly girl look!

Also if you visit inlovewithfashion.com, you'll see that they're having a 15% discount for all students, and they have limited time free shipping.
There is also a new coupon code for Romwe.com, offering 15% with the code party15% when you spend $35 or more at their site, I'm not quite sure on how long it lasts though.

Don't forget my giveaway!!! Ends this saturday!!! Lovelysally leggings!!!