Monday, September 24, 2012


Beret C/O-
Both Necklaces.
Gold  Mesh Undershirt C/O-
Sweater C/O-

 Hello Everyone!
It's that Fall season! It's beginning to get a little cooler, and there are prettier clouds nowadays. I find this season very romantic and fresh, it's full of warm colors everywhere and it just makes me feel great. I put together what I consider to be a very cutesy outfit in honor of the romantic feelings Fall gives me! This outfit is very monochromatic in nude with gold accents to warm it up, red lipstick and macaroni color hair just gives this outfit the needed kick of 'Hey, I'm not too girly!'. I feel a lil' European too! ;~)
Have any of you fallen in love? Are any of you in love? Is this beautiful Fall weather making anyone ambitious for some love!?
I know I am in love with my boyfriend Nikko, he is really an amazing dude! We do everything together, we're pretty much peas in a pod. We're just a fun loving couple who are into Pokemon, cracking jokes, and having a blast as much as possible! On the 25th we will have been together 18 months, and we're very happy to have made it this far and still find ourselves just as in love with each other. At the end of this year he is shipping off to the Navy and we're not going to see each other very often for a good duration of time. We honestly both had our breakdowns of doubt, wondering if we could possibly bear going through a long distance relationship, as for myself I have already gone through a long distance relationship and it was TERRIBLE so I really had to contemplate putting myself in that position again. But once we both settled down and thought about the big picture and considered what kind of people we are, we knew we could do it. There is no reason to worry about the lost time now, when we both have the mindset of what we want in the future, we both have each other as a part of what we want in the future. These few sacrificial years are great, at this young age we all need these years to be selfish, to do what we NEED to do to grow up. Don't let anyone hold you back guys, these are the much needed developing years that you should really be spending focusing on yourself and building your future and finding out who you are. For me and Nikko, we are sacrificing time from one another to allow ourselves to grow up and become actual people!!! Once we've reached that point and are both stable in what we're doing, then we can move on to our next step in life together!
 I actually find this all very exciting to experience! Of course I am very sad to see my best friend go, and worried about his safety. It's going to be difficult not having the one person who is always there for me and loves talking to me unavailable. But in the end, this is going to be a great experience :)

Are any of you currently going through long distance relationships or about to as myself?? If so you should comment about your experience below, I would love to hear!

Below is a photo of Nikko and myself from our last date to Starbucks! And really old photos of us below that!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gold Coast

Shorts C/O-
Cuff- Cotton On
Skull necklace&beanie- gifts from friends
Lipstick- Crimson by Revlon

Hello everyone!
Comfy college outfit today, the seasons are changing and it's growing a bit cooler. Thank goodness! Having a pair of black tights is so practical in everyday outfits, this is the very first pair I've ever owned and I don't think I'll ever go without having another pair in my closet again! I'M ADDICTED. I tend to have purple knees also, so this helps cover that up, haha. Especially with the weather growing colder you guys might like to invest in some simple black tights also, knees are prone to getting purple and veins showing up all over our legs when the degrees start dropping. They're generally pretty cheap too, bought these from Pacsun for about seven bucks. Although I did rip them on the first day, so be weary of what you bump in to -__- Whatever though, gives them more 'TUDE!
College has been alright, I feel like I kind of just go and leave. Hopefully it gets a little more exciting. I have a belly ache right now because this morning in my English class we had our first in class essay and I totally choked, I was the last person in class because my anxiety got the best of me. I definitely bombed it. Sadly, essays are totes my thaaaang too, it's not like I have any difficulties with them. So, I have been really ashamed of myself all day :(
Do any of you get test/classwork anxiety?? How do you calm down or how have you learned to control your stress during college? I'd really like to hear all your answers/advice :)

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Good luck!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Sun Shining Down Over Me&You

Spike Hat C/O-
Choker C/O-
Cardi C/O-
Spikey Bracelet-
Dress- Foreign Exchange
Leo Print Tights C/O-
Another session of trying to mix crazy patterns and textures together! How comfortable are y'all with mixing patterns?? I find it's easiest to do with subtler colors, and those they keep in the same color scheme as the rest of the patterns in the outfit. But I've always admired those people that can put together CRAZY cool outfits, with tons of wild patterns, bold colors, and textures! Nicki Minaj is definitely a queen at it.


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Good luck!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Trust In Me//Chinnova Giveaway!!!

Double cross necklace-
Double cross sweater-
Circle skirt-
Studded Socks-
I've ALWAYS wanted really cute knee high socks, and I'm loving these. They white polka dots are actually smell pearly buttons, and they seem like they're not going to just pop off. Just to make sure I won't wash them! But I like them also because I can flip them inside out to create a solid black sock. Nifty!!!
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Monday, September 10, 2012


Hat- Thrift
Eagle Necklace-
Turquoise Necklace- C/O
Metal bracelet-
Dress- C/O
Boots- C/O

Hello everyone
I would say today's outfit is a really typical look for me, boho with a big hat! I tried to keep the white dress fresh looking but added a little edge with dark brown accessories and turquoise jewelry. I'm really digging the fringe on this dress! There is just... so much of it! You can never ever have too much fringe. These boots were sent to me as a surprise from Yeswalker! I've never really had a company send me something purely of their choice so I was a bit nervous, but they did a great job picking these out. I definitely like them, although they're something I would have never picked for myself, they're something I plan on wearing a lot this fall.

I was wondering if you guys have an opinion of what color I should dye my hair next. Maybe link me to some photos for ideas of what you'd like to see. And should I extend the color all the way up to my roots?? Help me out y'all, I value your guys' opinion!

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Friday, September 7, 2012


Belt- Vintage
Clutch- Foreign Exchange

Hey Everyone!
Sorry I have been neglecting you all lately, I've been super busy with preparing for college.
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By the way I took all of these photos at my high school, first time stepping back on campus since graduating. The lighting was truly amazing!!!