Wednesday, October 31, 2012

.The Snakeskin Outlaw.

hat, shawl, and watch- vintage
top- forever21

Hey y'all!
This is one of my favorite looks I've done for a really long time!!! I feel like I haven't been all that creative lately, but with this look I feel pretty satisfied. I tried going for a very adventurous desert look, and with my sunglasses I feel like it's a very cool classy grandma look! 

Hope y'all enjoyed this look and prehaps feel a bit inspired to create your own granny/desert outlaw look! Haha! Have a great Halloween guys :)

Love Kendall!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

This is For u Amy

Earring- Payless
Bra- Vintage
Belt- DIY
Heels- Charlotte Russe

Hey y'all!
I made this outfit as tribute to Amy Winehouse. She is one of my all time favorite singers and biggest inspirations! It's a shame she had to leave so soon, she was a great artist and had such a great look to her. She lived the life she really wanted to though, she was definitely a woman led by her passions through life, nothing wrong with that.
 I tried to really capture her in the video Tears Dry On Their Own which I have embedded below. I love how her hair almost overpowers her entire outfit! Her hair is almost the most important asset to every one of her outfits, I took about an hour perfecting her hair using a total of three hair pieces and lots of hair brushing, hair spraying, ratting, adjusting, just a lot of tedious work!!! Shit, I'd wear my hair like this every single day if I was up for all the work. For the makeup I used ELF's black cream liner for my eyes and Wet n' Wild's Bare It All lipstick. Amy also had an amazing set of tattoos and a great love for her dad, so I had my dad draw on her iconic horse shoe for me :)
 I threw together the outfit making sure to emphasize her love of huge earrings, and taking notice of how she always wore strappy dresses with her bright lacey bras showing underneath! And she always wore cute heels! I only have one pair of heels in my closet, but thank goodness they actually matched the outfit! So, if y'all wanna do Amy for Halloween also, just remember 1)hair 2)Cat eye 3)strappy dress with bright lacey bra 4)heels 

Hope y'all enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed putting it together, and maybe show some appreciation to Amy today and remember her by her beautiful music and amazing style.

Hopeing you feel inspired!

Monday, October 22, 2012

.When We First Met.

Choker&Double Cross Necklace-
Dotty Wave Dress-
Flats- Forever21
Lipstick- Revlon (VaVa Violet)

Hey y'all!
I've always LOVED this song by Hellogoodbye. They're the absolute cutest band ever! I thought I would finally make an outfit inspired by one of my favorite love songs of theirs, When We First Met(The video above). I hope it's not too strange or off-putting for you guys seeing me far girlier than usual, I tried to tone it down with some black accessories and spikes! Haha. But yes, coincidentally I used this very lovely dress that Wasteland sent me, what's such a coincidence is that the people who made the video above happens to have the main girl wearing an almost identical dress!!! And in almost an identical park setting!!! It was my first time watching the video this morning before making this post and I was just mind blown! I guess I'm not the only one that feels like white eyelet dresses and flats best capture the cutesy vibe of this song.

Anyway, I hope you guys all have a GREAT day :D

I want to share with you all who I am officially going to be for Halloween...
She is from the new Frankenweenie movie, and I happen to have a stuffed animal Persian cat just like her, so it should be perfect to carry about! I'm going to go thrifting today downtown to find a similar dress, wish me luck!

And guys, if y'all REALLY love me, you will take 30 minutes of your day to watch the ORIGINAL Frankenweenie! This was my FAVORITE movie as a kid and I am overjoyed that they made it into a cartoon, but nothing can beat the original. And this is also Tim Burton's very very first movie he ever made, so all you Burton fans gotta watch it. P.S. It escalates quickly... so be prepared!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

.AMBER//Romper Giveaway.

Goldfish Necklace-
Bracelets- Forever21
Lace Romper-
Wedges- Bakers

Hey guys!!!
I've been feeling those autumn vibez! Autumn is my favorite season of the year, I love the beautiful gold and red hues in all of the scenery, and THE CLOUDS. THE CLOUDS ARE MY ABSOLUTE FAVE<3 I will wake up at 5am just so I get a good chance to see the gorgeous morning clouds this season brings  :)
I made this outfit celebrating the colors of autumn! And I made it a little bit of a mermaid theme also! I'm pretty happy to let y'all know maxclondon is allowing me to giveaway one of these amazing rompers! 

The giveaway will run till: November 10th 2012
You must:
-Follow this blog
-Leave the email you'd wish me to contact you by below

That's it! :-)
I'll contact the winner by email!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Casual Halloween Costume


Hey y'all!!!
This is my pre halloween/casual halloween costume! It's what I'll definitely be wearing when I go to  my friend's super awesome Halloween party!!! My friend is having a party this weekend... but with a giant bounce house, so this outfit will keep me Halloween themed but able to not worry about wardrobe malfunctions and just able to be super comfortable!
I'm going to get my hair done in two weeks, I was thinking of doing it all blue or all a peachy orangey pinky goodness. Unsure of what I'll do, but y'all will find out eventually! I've also been thinking about vlogging again, I'm just so unsure because I can't quite seem to get comfortable and act myself on camera :(

Anyway, hope y'all enjoyed this outfit and photos, I tried a little more 'hardcore' editing ;~)
And hopefully you guys feel a little more inspired on what to wear to bounce house Halloweenie parties!

Here is a Halloween sale Romwe is having in case y'all still need some Halloween goodies. It's, again, a pretty darn massive sale. So enjoy!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cali Casual

Beanie c/o- Billabong
Flannel&Aviators- Target
NYC necklace- F21
Cross necklace- American Eagle
Shirt c/o- aSociete
Spikey tribal bracelet- Pacsun
Sweats c/o-

Hey dudez,
WILDFOX sent me these track suit pants as a surprise to style, I was honestly pretty intimidated by them! I have never once thought of sweat pants as a fashion statement, since they always caused me to visualize all the girl's at my high school who wore VS sweats and buns on top their heads daily. But I am pretty happy they sent me these, it was a real challenge for me to incorporate them into my wardrobe, I really had to flex my creative muscle!!! It was really fun!!! I came up with what I picture as a very "Californian" outfit. With crazy tribal accents and the flannel wrapped around my waist, it really dresses up the sweats and makes them a fashion statement. Kind of changed my entire perspective on sweat pants!

This outfit makes me want to ride a longboard on the beach :-)
Speaking of, I'm going to Santa Monica for Halloween!!! What are you guys doing for Halloween? Any cool Halloween costumes planned??