Friday, November 23, 2012


The three different pants they sent me, the gold and pewter are my absolute faves! I DIED!!!

Here's the crate with all the goodies inside!

Gold and cool acid wash pants! Love em!!!

Honestly one of my favorite things was this amazing candle! It smells like cloves, it's really great and holiday-eee! <3 CoCo was really really curious about this too! Look at her sniffer goin'!

BIKER JACKET UGHUGHUGH I LOVE IT UGHUGHUGH And the flannel is a cool casual ;~)

Sunglasses -
Pleather jacket- PacSun
Red Velvet Skirt-
Tights- PacSun

Hey guys!!!

How're you all doing? Did y'all have a good Turkey Day?! I hope you did :) And how did you spend it!?

I've ALWAYSALWAYS wanted a biker jacket that hit right above my hips so I could wear it with skirts and dresses and such and this one is seriously like PERFECT. PacSun sent me this in another big seasonal crate of winter stuff! I'm so thankful! It's like an amazing early Christmas present♥ I know I un-boxed this on top of a giant rug that is spotted with farm critters which isn't very 'fashion blogger ettiquette', but hey! That's how I do!!!
But yeah! I'm typically a very very difficult person to excite, I don't know if any of you are like that!? Say if my parents announced "We're going to Disneyland!!!" I think, "Cool, that will be pretty fun to go." versus how other people(my mom) react about things like this, such as in a very "HOLY SHIT WE'RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND?! FUCK YEAH!!! EEEEEEEEEE *GIRL SHRIEK OF JOY* *HUGS PARENTS* *CALLS BFF SIMULTANEOUSLY WRITING FACEBOOK STATUS "GOING TO DISNEYLAND BITCHES, LIKE THIS IF UR HAPPY FOR ME"*" I don't know, that just ain't me! Not that I'm emotionless or unappreciative, I am, my feels just don't react like that. SO, where I am going with this *ramblerambleramble* is that PacSun crates are one of the few things I get REALLY excited about! And I know it has something to with the fact that I get a fucking 10 pound crate delivered to my front porch, and then they send me practical ass gifts like a flash drive and a candle. HELL YEAH! That's what I need right there, flash drive=for college, candle=relaxation during stressful college work. That's that small stuff that gets me, haha! AND they supply me with a good set of really good practical essentials season :) Ah, I just love PacSun. (Just to state, PacSun doesn't require me at all to talk about any of this or wear it, they just send this all to me and a few other blogger's, which is really nice.) It's always a joy for CoCo too, she LOVES when I get big packages to unwrap, she has a little doggie obsession with sniffing everything foreign!

WELL ANYWAY, long long long blog post. Just wanted to share with you guys all the goodies I got, my new outfit post, and ask you all how your Thanksgiving was :-)

Also, would you guys like to see me un-box my future PacSun crate on video!? Would any of you find that enjoyable? Just leave a comment letting me know♥

Love y'all,

Friday, November 16, 2012 Holiday Party & Pre Party Adventures!

Meeting my friend Stephanie from !!! We talk all the time so I was so exited to meet her :) She was so much taller than me also, therefore the squatting!!!

Travis the professional photographer of and the extremely cute cutie Lola of

I was pretty excited to meet Spencer Niemetz, I always think he's so fucking funny.

I gave these people small animal figurines. Lola a camel, Spencer a kangaroo, and Travis a panda. Spencer tried to eat his, it's true, he loves snacks.

Met the lovely ladies behind Sugarlips!

Chillin' with Dominique from and her friends!



Sugalips ladies and dudes

With velvety Adam of
I'm a lone ranger sippin' wata'
At the IVI photobooth! I tried to haggle the young man letting us borrow these glasses for the pair I am wearing... he said he's not paid enough to do that *sobbing*

Nikko third wheeling

Driving to LA!

My dolphin loves traveling


Ventured through a thrift store

All that wandering made us hungry for Chinese food!
Made my thirsty for the Sunkist!

Nikko took pics of my outfit in downtown LA

First time in Urban Outfitters, my brain shit by the beauty of everything inside

So, I know these photos are out of order, but I figured y'all would want to see the people I met at the holiday party and just skip through my boring wanderings about LA haha The party was at the Dim Mak studios in LA, it was pretty nice in there, they had a lot of shitty dragons painted onto the walls which was a definite plus. Mainly what I was most excited about was getting to meet my friend Stephanie for the first time :D I love her!!! We talk on Facebook a lot so it was like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the most exciting thing ever! And she was totally super sweet and nice :-) I also met Dominique, she was the first person I saw at the party! She was really awesome and friendly too! And I met Spencer, I was excited to see him, I always think his posts on Facebook and Twitter are so damn hilarious haha And he is super sweet and charismatic in person as well!!! I hung out with a lot of awesome people last night too like Lola, Travis, Olivia, Madeline, KayKay, the Sugarlips people, Dominique's&Stephanie's friends, and Adam! AND YES I KNOW SOMEONE IS GOING TO COMMENT BELOW ABOUT HOW BEAUTIFUL ADAM IS. I KNOW ALREADY, IT HAPPENS EVERY TIME. LOL. Altogether it was a super cool night at the party, lots of fun, awesomeness, and I actually didn't feel awkward the entire night!!!

I've actually been to about 4 other Lookbook events like this but have never cared to blog them, thinking you guys might not really care. But do you guys like posts like these!? Lemme know in a comment below :)

All photos taken by either me or Nikko Camat
Jacket c/o Volcom

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I ain't kitten when I say "I love y'all!!!"

Hat, GUESS necklace, furry jacket, Key and lock belt, Boots-
Long sleve, Riding pants- Forever21

Hey guys!
 BRRR!!! Bust ya jackets out cuz it's chilly!!! I hope you all are doing well in this cold weather! Just wearing my big fat black cat outfit, keepin' it warm.I love this lil' kitty hat, it's so darn cute!!! I noticed there are some hairs on my hat in the photo... what can I say!? I shed a lot... but, my mom gets agitated whenever I do careless shit like that, like not noticing stray hairs stuck to my hat!!! Would you guys wear a jacket this fluffy and huge? Or do you prefer to keep your clothes streamlined to your body?? I'm more of a loose and ill fit type of gal I guess, the big shapes of some clothing really just interests me! 
Well, I am off to the Lookbook party today!!! I'll be sure to take LOTSA photos! There's a Lookbooker I am pretty excited to see, can't wait♥

A disclaimer to the claw ring I am wearing, it's from Romwe, but I took these photos and I took it off my finger and the whole claw hand broke off. So, just a friendly warning to y'all, I don't want you guys to waste money on something that might break so easily.

Love u guys!